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Bluebell is a set of Kegel exercise weights featuring three different sizes and weights for step-by-step pelvic floor muscle training or post-birth recovery. These exercises can improve the elasticity of the vagina and help alleviate symptoms of incontinence. Regular Kegel exercises may also enhance sexual satisfaction and intimacy in relationships. The Bluebell set is an effective tool for optimizing pelvic health and boosting your partnerft.s satisfaction.

Adjustable Strength, Limit Challenging Three flowerbud-shaped weights with varying sizes and masses, designed for beginners to gradually increase pelvic floor muscle strength and regain confidence.

Train your Fantasies Bluebellft.s appearance was designed to make your exercise and recovery process full of femininity. Make your recovery process fun, strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, and improve the elasticity of your vagina.


  • BODY-SAFE SILICONE To guarantee your health and safety through the entire exercise
  • SILKY-SMOOTH TEXTURE Ultra smooth texture ensures comfortable exercise
  • VARIED SIZE The size of the three balls suggests their weight
  • VARIED WEIGHT The three balls are weighted from light to heavy for different stages of exercise
  • LONG TAIL Easy to slip in and pull out the balls
  • WATERPROOF Can be completely immersed in water for easy cleanup


  • Product Materials: Silicone
  • Net Weight: 0.065 LB; 0.110 LB; 0.172 LB
  • Size: 0.94in. x 1.81in. x 5.31in.; 1.10in. x 2.28in. x 5.71in.; 1.26in. x 2.56in. x 6.06in.
  • Waterproof: IPX7

Honey Play Box Bluebell Floral Weighted Kegel Ball 3-Piece Exercise Set

SKU: ENT 87741
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